YWAM Arts | Heartbridge
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Heartbridges offers young aspiring artists an environment to grow in their artistic skill, to discover new horizons of artistic expression and to integrate a variety of performing arts and culture in their entertainment experience.

Heartbridge becomes a bridge for culture, art and individual life styles to enrich the open of society with a sense of community and blegonging, it becomes a bridge from the heart of the artist to the heart of the world, therefore “HEARTBRIDGE”.

In it’s make-up HEARTBRIDGE pursues to maintain an international edge, welcoming ambitious students from all over the world and arranging performance tours in international locations. The international tours offer participants excellent opportunities for cultural exchange and educational settings with foreign artists and communities.

HEARTBRIDGE has performed the production “Coming home” in Japan, Spain, China, Morocco, France, Germany, Czech Republic, USA, England, Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Greece and Switzerland and 40 other different nations.

Through the University of the Nations, the company offers every year training for beginner to advanced students :

January 2015 – School of Performing Arts II

April 2015 – DTS Performing arts

September 2015 – Biblical foundations for the arts

September 2015 – Dance seminar


phone: +1 808 557 4801