YWAM Arts | KONA | A Voice for the Voiceless
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KONA | A Voice for the Voiceless

The vision of A Voice for the Voiceless is to use creative media as a tool for cultural transformation so that issues such as gender based injustice will be issues of history instead of the future.

A Voice for the Voiceless advocates for those who cannot speak for themselves and challenges the current global status quo.

They seeks to capture the people and places of every nation in the world showing off their beauty but not masking their pain.

“I stumbled over Voice for the Voiceless after creating my life in the Bay Area of California, under anarchist flags and activist rallies, sharing meals and houses with passionate individuals who believed in change and desired a better world but found no alternative other than to become the “World’s Savior”. I chose to burden myself by holding the consequences of corruption or the injustice of poverty upon my shoulders. I thought that if I didn’t place myself in the center, holding the core of the world together with protests or peace signs, fixing the world’s problems..then no one would…no one would care. Living in frustration and despair someone mention the school to me : “you like people, you care about justice.”

What I learned and saw in Voice for the Voiceless has changed my life and the way I view justice. I found someone who cared more than me, who already stood in the center of the world and gave his dying breathe for it. I began seeing more positive social change in the first 3 months with Voice for the Voiceless than I had the entire 2 years in the Bay Area. If you are a lover of people, whether activist, painter, performer or writer, Voice for the Voiceless will help you harnesses the tools in your hands and the fire in your heart to reach those who’s voice is not being heard and make true, loving, impacts in lives. When you put Jesus, and his love, at the center of your work and the core of who you are, nothing he asks of you will be impossible.”

Gabriella FRITZ – Student School 2012

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