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UofN College of Arts & Sports: Music

” Since 1971 I have been part of the contemporary Christian music community. Through the last forty years I have been able to experience and observe the development of worship and concert ministries in the United States and around the world. I have been both a musician seeking to find my place in the church and in YWAM, as well as a YWAM leader seeking to work with the visions of various musicians and artists.

Through my thirty plus years in YWAM I have heard many “words” that God was going to use the arts to “lead the way” in many situations. I’ve heard the term “The arts are the tip of the arrow that will lead us into nations.” If these were truly words from the Lord, we should seek ways to encourage development.

There are many wonderful ways YWAM worship and arts have glorified the Lord and influenced thousands; and yet, I know some of the sad stories of musicians leaving YWAM because they did not feel there was a place for them to fulfill their calling. In some of these cases, YWAM may not have been the best place for them; however, I believe there are too many cases, where they left because the YWAM leader did not understand how to work with artists or how to point them to a base where their worship or arts calling could flourish.

If YWAM leaders can better understand some of the dynamics of working with artists or how to direct them to a part of YWAM who has that call, then worship and the arts can be an even more powerful force within our mission to further the Kingdom of God.”

Karen Lafferty