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In the midst of a hurting, tired and weary world: beauty and creativity always manage to find its way. At the very core of my heartbeat is the unrelenting desire to tell a better story than the one we often find ourselves in. Jesus is weaving together this far better and captivating narrative, while constantly giving us the privilege to be a part of it. Music is the glue that holds it all together. The truly universal language of the spirit, soul and heart.

What a Joy to translate God’s intentions and heart through song. I desire to unlock and open up those secret places in all of us; the place where we know we were created for much more. 


Water and Light is an invitation to rediscover the value, worth and beauty of our songs, to recapture the imagination of the believer and seeker alike, to rekindle the song inside all of our hearts. The songs sung inside our familiar walls, as well as the ones sung out in the unknown.  Like water to the thirsty and a light unto our path, Water and Light provoke us to release songs that help make way for a new day.
Water and Light marks the beginning of a completely fresh and exhilarating new season in my journey. The main thrust of this new season is to release music to bless and inspire the Church, AND music to draw in those on the fringes. Please join me in praying, believing and commissioning this new and exciting season.