YWAM Arts | YWAMarts connect ISSUE 2
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YWAMarts connect ISSUE 2


Sent out every two months, YWAM ARTS CONNECT features 4 different articles on schools, programs, and projects happening in and around YWAM Arts!

If you would like to be featured in YWAM ARTS CONNECT, send an e-mail to info@ywamarts.com


ARTISTS IN DEVELOPMENT | Jonny Westwood – Program Leader

Artists in Development is a community-based program which gives aspiring artists the opportunity to receive artistic direction and assistance, feedback and accountability, business support and the use of creative facilities over 9 months.

Throughout these months, the artists work with the help of their staff towards completing a final project, whether that is a set of recordings, an exhibition or a portfolio. As a Christian community, there is also a natural focus on spiritual development.


We are beginning a hundred days of prayer with the purpose of praying for the arts and culture in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Actions related to Art and Culture will be happening in the streets, public and private spaces all over Rio de Janeiro as people from 190 different countries come together.

For more informations on how to get involve in areas like evangelism, payer, media or arts, visit the website of Jesus4allmovement.


ACTING STUDIO | Rebecca Rowley – Actor’s Studio Coordinator

Trois Flèches is launching an Actor’s Studio at YWAM Dunham, in Quebec, Canada, to help equip budding actors, offering a community in which to grow in your craft and your artistic identity.

Launch Date: September 18, 2016
Requirements to join: 

  • Having completed a YWAM DTS
  • Having completed an SAS or equivalent acting training outside of YWAM

BE INSPIRED: Different kind of Beautiful, Artists residency in India

Anthony Vasquez is an artist who is part of the International Artist Residency, an annual event hosted by The Create Commission.

This residency offers and opportunity for local and international artists to come together for three weeks. Each year the artists engage with a different social issue under the guidance and support of a resident mentor and creatively respond to it using their own medium. They seek to raise up a community of artists who are pondering deeply how to create art that speaks truth to society, as well as to see the marginalized healed and empowered through art.


“YWAM knows how to produce great missionaries within the sphere of Religion. I would also love for us to be known for producing world-class thinkers in all the spheres.”

-Darlene Cunningham to the YWAM family

Come celebrate with us in Kansas City for YWAM Together 2016! An opportunity for us to wait before the Lord to receive what He has on His heart for the University of the Nations and our Call to all spheres of society.

For registrations and more information about this event go to www.ywamkc2016.org