YWAM Arts | Dance
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We are the dancers who dance upon injustice.  From the time of Miriam and her tambourine on the shores of the Red Sea to our DTS hip hop teams…dance is a medium for worship and warfare and rejoicing in His goodness.  Through dance we actually sculpt space – creating visual sound waves that impact audiences.

Many of our schools include elements of dance – some on the street or in the theater.  It is life giving to move to the rhythm of our faith.

The heart beat of this network is to connect, inspire and encourage… connecting individuals, schools, ministries and opportunities together. Inspiring one another with the art, schools, ministries and events that God is creating through us. Encouraging one another as together we pursue all that God has for us in the sphere of Dance.

Part of the vision of this site is to help christians with a love for Dance ministry find a place that is right for them and their talents, dreams and calling. Whether that’s applying for a school, joining a Dance company, attending an event or making a commitment to a ministry, we want people to find the exact right fit.