YWAM Arts | Theater and Acting
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Imagine standing in front of a multitude – an audience so large that you are unable to count them. All mobile phones have been silenced, as the onlookers hold their breath in anticipation. As they wait they cannot help but wonder, “Will this message challenge me? Will it change me? Can it captivate my thoughts and emotions?

The knowledge you hold within yourself, is a story that longs to be told. With creative excellence you desire to engage your audience that they would believe what they have waited their whole life to hear.

This is the exciting challenge that lies before you, the producer. You are the storyteller. You hold a truth that must be shared. You must share it in a creative and strategic way. There is a truth waiting to be told, a story waiting to be written, a creator waiting to direct you.

In the midst of the chaos that surrounds there is a stillness, where you are quiet, and you understand that you are called to something beyond yourself. Welcome to the World of Influence, the stage is set …